TataF Agarbatti Making Business Offer

TataF Raw Agarbatti Manufacturing Business Opportunity All Over India

TataF Agarbatti Industry is a Branded Agarbatti Manufacturing and Marketing Company involving into Agarbatti manufacturing and Marketing field for past around 10 years. We have customers (Branded Agarbatti manufacturers and Exporters) situated all over India those who have regular requirements for Raw Agarbatti for making them into branded Agarbatti in their own brand and our brand (Poojadeep Agarbattis) So, we are establishing Raw Agarbatti manufacturing factories through new entrepreneurs (TataF Contract Manufacturers) under contract through recommending high speed fully automatic 6G, 7G and 8G PLC and non PLC machines which are manufactured by branded Agarbatti machinery manufacturing companies situated in Bangalore and Surat and we recommend raw material from vendors nearby cities and we provide training and technology and Marketing support under Buyback system for six months to three years of contract

TataF Investment

For small scale unit: Starting investment Around Rs.12.5 Lacs upto 1 Crore only for Machinery and Raw Material
For home based unit: Starting investment Around Rs2.5 Lacs upto 12.5 Lacs only for Machinery and Raw Material

TataF Bank Loan Support

We arrange Bank Loan through Nationalized Banks, Private finance and Private Banks for purchasing Machinery and Raw material

Work Shed, Power and Manpower

For small scale: Around 750 Sqfts with 13HP power. For home based unit: Around 200 Sqfts room in house with3 HP power
For small scale unit: Around ten Unskilled female labours; For home based unit: Two or more family members are enough

TataF Recommended Agarbatti Making Machine

TataF recommends Indian made High speed Noiseless Fully automatic Agarbatti Making 6G, 7G and 8G Machines from the branded Agarbatti Machinery Manufacturers situated in Surat and Bangalore. TataF Contract Manufacturers can directly purchase the machinery with direct payment. Please click “Machinery and Material” for further details about machinery

TataF Recommended Agarbatti Raw Material

TataF will recommend the raw material suppliers situated the contract manufacturers nearby places. They can directly purchase the raw material from the raw material suppliers with direct payment. Current market price for the best quality raw material (Including sticks & powder) is around Rs.43/- per kg. The best quality finished goods price around Rs.65/- per kg

TataF Training and Technology

We arrange the technical person to TataF Contract Manufacturers factories for Installation of the machinery, to provide training to operate machinery, to provide Powder Mixing Formula and to produce premium quality Raw Agarbatti as per Indian Market

TataF Quality Testing and Moulding

The Contract Manufacturers send the sample of Raw Agarbatti to TataF through courier and it will test that whether it is as per Indian market or not. Otherwise if there will be required any changes in the specifications it advises to change powder mixing ratio and it moulds the sample as per Indian Market. If it is exactly correct TataF provides them buyers situated nearby cities

TataF Buy Back Marketing

TataF Contract Manufacturers need not worry about to trace out the buyers for their finished raw Agarbattis and need not belong to a single buyer. Different types of Scented and Branded Agarbatti making companies situated all over India are approaching TataF through mail and phone calls every day for the requirements of Raw Agarbattis to make them in their own brand for Indian Market and Exportation. TataF will give the buyers and their requirements details to TataF Contract Manufacturers situated their nearby places to directly deliver the finished Raw Agarbattis to save time and transportation cost. The TataF Contract Manufacturers are advised to conform the buyers’ requirements which is given by TataF, to check their profile, to finalize the price and mode of payment. Thereafter only the TataF Contract Manufacturers will start to produce mass production and to dispatch the consignment. Whether the requirements is not suitable, or will stop to purchase the finished Raw Agarbatti in the meantime, TataF will source and give another buyer and will follow up the quality maintenance and Market

TataF Business Agreement

The Agreement for our marketing service under buyback system will be signed between TataF Contract Manufacturers and TataF for 6 months to 3 years with renewal option. The agreement can be renewal after completion of the agreement period. The fee for Legal advice and Business consultation, commission on sale of finished goods and Agreement documentation charges are applicable according to the agreement period

TataF Branded Agarbatti Making

TataF Contract Manufacturers can start scented and branded Agarbatti manufacturing, we supply our branded packing material and Unique quality perfumes with training technology to make branded Agarbatti in TataF own brand with the marketing and Exportation Technics and supports. If the contract manufacturers want to manufacturer branded Agarbattis in their own brand, TataF will provide them the same technical supports

TataF Conditions for Buy Back Marketing

Building Rent should not be more than Rs.2000/- per machine. Labour Cost for unskilled female should not be more than Rs300/- per Day. The company should be run at least 8Hr per day and 26 working days in a Month or more. Whether the goods will be supplied through the support of TataF or through the Manufacturers the commission Rs.1/- per kg payable to TataF. Non-Recommended machinery and Non-Tested raw material shall not be purchased by the TataF Contract Manufacturers. The Contract Manufacturers shall not use TataF Brand name and Logo without authorisation

TataF Grass Profit

TataF provides business advice to maintain around 45% of grass profit on the investment on Raw material. The grass profit is various place to place according to the raw material price fluctuation

TataF Net Profit

TataF provides business advice to maintain around 15 to 20% of net profit on the investment on Raw material. The net profit is various place to place according to the fluctuation of expenses i.e., Labour cost, Building rent, Electricity, Transportation, Machinery maintenance, Wastage, Interest for investment, TataF commission for marketing support and miscellaneous expenses ect.

TataF Exemptions for Condition

The TataF Contract Manufacturers can purchase raw material anywhere from their own source also after quality testing by TataF. The TataF Contract Manufacturers can sale their goods to any companies through their own source, there is not restriction

Marketing Commission for TataF

TataF Contract Manufacturers will pay one rupee commission per kilogram to be payable to TataF after getting payment for the consignment

TataF Entrepreneurs Form

Interested clients may download the Entrepreneurs Form fill and send through mail by downloading from our website for evaluating the project viability. The viable projects will be signed for starting TataF Contract Manufacturing Unit

TataF Contract Manufacturers

TataF Contract Manufacturers are authorized to use TataF Agarbatti Industry Name with the raw material suppliers and raw agarbatti buyers after signing contract.

Kindly fill the particulars to Download Business Details and Entrepreneurs Form

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