TataF Offers Buy Back for Agarbattis

Buy Back Marketing for TataF Agarbatti Contract Manufacturers

Branded Agarbatti Manufacturers

TataF Agarbatti Industry is establishing TataF Agarbatti Contract Manufacturing Units through interested business people according to the area project viability all over India under contract basic. Different types of new and existing customers are sending different types of Agarbatti and Agarbatti products related enquiries from many parts of India through its websites www.tataf.com, www.agarbattimanufacturers.com, www.brandedagarbattis.com, www.agarbattis.In, www.tatafagarbattimanufacturers.com, www.rawagarbattis.com and IndiaMart. TataF only cannot fulfil all of the requirements which are coming from new and existing customers


Raw Agarbattis in Black colour
Agarbattis in different Colours (Green, Red, Blue, Gold, violate, Yellow and White)
Perfumed (Scented) Loose Agarbattis
Herbal Agarbattis with natural and synthetic perfumes
Masala Agarbattis
Flora Agarbattis
Sandal, Rose, Mogra, Kevda, Champa and Nagchampa ect.
Poojadeep Branded Agarbattis in different MRP,



These types of customers are having requirements for Black colour Raw Agarbattis, Colour Raw Agarbattis and Scented “Perfumed” loose Agarbattis. The raw Agarbattis are dipped in the perfumes and filled in the pouches and boxes as per their customers’ requirements and the scented loose Agarbattis are directly counted and packed in pouches and their branded Agarbatti boxes as per their customers’ requirements.


These types of customers are having requirements for Poojadeep Branded Agarbattis in different MRP according to their area requirement and fast moving products.


Most of the branded Agarbatti manufacturing companies situated in India are not manufacturing raw Agarbattis. They are purchasing packing material, perfumes and raw Agarbattis from the manufacturers to make Branded Agarbattis in their own brand or their clients own brand. But they are expecting the best quality and the premium quality Raw Agarbattis from the raw Agarbatti manufacturers.


Through using machinery and huge investment, the Raw Agarbattis manufacturers will produce the raw Agarbattis month fully around 3 tons through one fully automatic machine. But the branded Agarbatti manufacturers can consume / make them scented Agarbatti with in a day. So, the branded Agarbatti manufacturers are saving time and efforts for the same margin. Raw Agarbatti making is the entry level in Agarbatti business


The entrepreneurs can go to the local market and buy minimum 10 branded Agarbattis boxes. The branded Agarbattis should have been manufactured in and around their home town or 500 kilometre radiation “Distance” from their home town. All branded Agarbatti boxes will have the address and contact details on the packing material i.e., boxes. The entrepreneurs can contact them directly or through telephone or mail mentioning that we are manufacturing the Best Quality 8” and 9” Raw Agarbattis and we are looking the best branded Agarbatti manufacturers for our raw Agarbattis, If you have requirements for Raw Agarbattis, we send some free sample or come and meet you with free of our sample. Minimum one of them or maximum 9 of them will ask the entrepreneurs to send or submit their good quality sample.


TataF Contract Manufacturers need not worry about to trace out the buyers for their finished raw Agarbattis and need not belong to a single buyer. Different types of Scented and Branded Agarbatti making companies situated all over India are approaching TataF through mail and phone calls every day for the requirements of Raw Agarbattis to make them in their own brand for Indian Market and Exportation. TataF will give the buyers and their requirements details to TataF Contract Agarbatti Manufacturers situated their nearby places to directly deliver the finished Raw Agarbattis to save time and transportation cost. TataF Contract Manufacturers are advised to conform the buyers’ requirements which is given by TataF, to check their profile, to finalize the price and mode of payment. Thereafter only TataF Contract Agarbatti Manufacturers will start to produce mass production and to dispatch the consignment according to their production capacity. Whether the requirements is not suitable, or will stop to purchase the finished Raw Agarbatti in the meantime, TataF will source and give another buyer and will follow up the quality maintenance and Market.


According to TataF’s instructions for the purpose of saving time and transportation cost, If the entrepreneurs will supply the goods to TataF, Rs.1.00 discount per kg to be given to TataF from the market price. If the entrepreneurs will supply the goods to the referred buyers, Rs.1.00 royalty “Commission” to be given to TataF after getting payment from the buyers for the consignment. The entrepreneurs have to be willing to accept the instructions of TataF regarding to supply the goods to TataF or the referred buyers according to its requirements and to the distance and time consistency


TataF will sign Agreement for its marketing service under buyback system with TataF Agarbatti Contract Manufacturers for 6 months to 3 years with renewal option. The agreement can be renewed after completion of the agreement period. The fee for Legal advice and Business consultation, commission on sale of finished goods and Agreement documentation charges are applicable according to the agreement period

Please download and send filled Entrepreneurs Form for evaluating the project viability before signing contract Entrepreneurs Form

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